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* Which Zest® Fruitboost­™ product(s) did you purchase?
Fruitboost™ Revitalizing Shower Gel®
Fruitboost™ Smoothie Body Scrubs®
* Which variety (or varieties) of Zest® Fruitboost­™ did you purchase?
Very Berry
Peach Mango
Citrus Splash
Pomegranate Acai Berry
Strawberry Kiwi

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* What did you like most about this (these) new product(s)?
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* Which Zest products have you purchased before?
Zest Bar Soap
Zest Body Wash
Zest® Fruitboost™ was my first Zest purchase
How likely are you to purchase Zest® Fruitboost™ product(s) again?
Will Not Probably Will Not May or May Not Probably Will Will Does Not Apply
* Fruitboost™ Revitalizing Shower Gels®
* Fruitboost™ Smoothie Body Scrubs®
In-shower body lotions are a convenient and hassle-free way to moisturize. How interested would you be in a Zest® Fruitboost™ in-shower body moisturizer?
Not Interested Somewhat Interested Very Interested
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